Rough Terrain Straddle, Capacity 1000 kg, Loading height 1300 mm

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The original Finnish selfloader InnoLIFT is a revolutionary pallet loader. It simultaneously lifts pallets and ITSELF in and out of vehicles. After unloading, the InnoLIFT can be used to deliver the goods to the destination.
No dock is required since InnoLIFT replaces liftgates, ramps, and conventional pallet jacks. One man and InnoLIFT are enough to do the work much faster than with other solutions.

The ERT1000.1500 is a straddle model designed for rough terrain use. Compatible with all 1000kg Innolift models including self-propelled. It is the ONLY Rough Terrain Stacker that lifts pallets and ITSELF in & out of delivery trucks.Designed for surfaces like rough asphalt, thresholds, and hard mud. Powerful drive motor and remote control make the operation easier and lighter.

Safe operation with:
– Brake Mechanism Sensors
– Emergency Stop Button
– Turtle Speed Button
– Remote control
– Spring Loaded Pin Locks on
– Support Legs
– Auto-Leveling Sensor as an option
– 167 % larger wheels

For 40″ pallet

Additional information


Capacity (kg)

Load centre (mm)

Lifting height (mm / h3)

Loading height (mm / h2)

Own weight (kg)

Overall lowered height (mm / H)

Overall extended height (mm / h4)

Wheel material

Wheel dimensions, front (mm)

Wheel dimensions, rear (mm)

Total length (mm / L)

Length without forks (mm / l3)

Chassis width (mm / B)

Support legs width (mm /b3)

Wheel base (mm / y)

Fork dimensions (mm)

Fork length (mm l2)

Fork width (mm / b2)

Ground clearance (mm / ml)

Working aisle AST3 (mm)

Parking brake

Lifting motor (kW)

Battery capacity (V/ Ah)

Charger (V/ A)

Width between support legs (mm)

Extra motor for midwheels (W)