InnoLIFT models

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InnoLIFT has different models for different delivery situations like models for rough terrain, small models for tight spaces and models for heavy loads (up to 1000 kg).

Make sure that the capacity is enough to handle the goods, the InnoLIFT can load the cargo into the vehicle and fits inside it and the vehicle allows for a rear plate.

  • EL1000.1000

    Self-propelled, Capacity 1000 kg, Lifting height 1000 mm, Loading height 900 mm 9960,00 
  • ERT1000.1500

    Rough Terrain Straddle, Capacity 1000 kg, Loading height 1300 mm 12990,00 
  • IM600.800

    Electrical, Capacity 600 kg, Loading height 700 mm 4550,00